Extreme Mammals

Featured Exhibition,
NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Extreme Mammals is a traveling exhibition from the American Museum of Natural History highlighting the extreme diversity of mammals. At the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, we supplemented the exhibit to spotlight mammal research happening with the Museum’s Biodiversity Reseach Lab.

Candid Critters Citizen Science Project

Design + custom illustrations

Endangered Species

Exhibit elements
We wanted to bring awareness to the many mammal populations facing extinction and the conservation groups trying to help.

Duke Lemur Center

The Duke Lemur Center is a research institution that features the largest collection of lemurs outside of Madagascar, and they’re only 30 miles away from the Museum. We wanted to tell the story of lemurs and the amazing work the center is doing.

Exhibit Signage

Various signs created for the featured exhibition.

Exhibit Promotion

Custom Face Cutouts
I designed and illustrated 4 photo op promotion pieces that traveled to different locations. Each board features animals from the exhibit on 4 different continents: Africa, Antarctica, Australia, and South America.