Life Before Dinosaurs:
The Permian Monsters

Featured Exhibition
NC Museum of Natural Sciences

The World’s Largest Dinosaurs is a traveling exhibition from the American Museum of Natural History. At the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, we supplemented the exhibit.

Planning & Layout


After viewing the exhibition at another museum, our team developed a plan to ensure the exhibition would immerse our guests in the Permian world. We aimed to create a theatrical approach to the exhibit layout, taking guests through different environments and grouping content by themes. We also set a goal to display all content in both English and Spanish.
1. Create a flow through the exhibit
2. Simplify content and provide bilingual text
3. Modern graphic design
4. Remake simplified tables
5. Larger murals and artwork
6. New groundforms and immersive environments
7. Darken the gallery
8. Colorful and theatrical lighting
9. Add musical score under ambient sounds
10. Feature NC scientist Christian Kammerer

Graphic Design

To display the graphics in both Spanish and English, we had to cut back on the amount of text. My approach to the design was to color code each section and keep the graphic layouts simple, but still fitting with the immersive environments.

Exhibition Photos