Wayfinding Task Force

Strategy & Planning,
NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Tasked to redesign the Museum’s wayfinding system, I created the Wayfinding Task Force to help pull together all sections of the Museum to help me review our current wayfinding system. I wanted to know what was working well, and what our biggest challenges were. Below are some photos and documentation created for the task force.


Pre-Task Force

Before the task force began, I mapped out what a full year of meetings would look like, identifying what topics to cover and what we could realistically acheive in one year.

Kickoff Meeting

Wayfinding Task Force

To kickoff the task force, I started with the basics to get everyone on the same page from the beginning. We discussed what wayfinding was and what our goal as a task force would be. We than started by listing the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunites of our current wayfinding system.


Wayfinding Task Force

or each meeting, I sent out agendas at least 3 days in advance of each meeting to give members time to prepare. After each meeting, I sent out the meeting notes of everything we discussed, as well as homework to complete before the next meeting.

Wrap Up

Wayfinding Task Force

To wrap up the task force’s results, I created a large document that gathered all the research, brainstorm sessions, and recommendations into one location.

Visitor Journey Map

to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Taking all the information in the document, I sorted, gathered, simplified the information into a
journey map to the Museum.